Some thanks, Lost and Found, Art Institute update, and who’s next

Thanks to our great models Sabrina and Rachel (Bella Du Jour of the Keyhole Cabaret) for a stellar job and packing the house.  We apologize to our attendees for the cramped quarters, but we do our best to work with what we have.  Also apologies for our Saturday attendees, we were not aware that there would be a community function and a car show.  Otherwise we would’ve posted a warning last week.  Although parking was pretty crazy, we thank you for the efforts of coming out to draw with us.
Some attendees have left their personal items behind.  We have collected them and we are holding them in our storage bin.  Here are some pics of two jackets and a nice brush set with some ink, white chalk, a pencil, and graphite stick.  We actually know who the art supplies belong to, but we forgot your name.  Either way, the next time you come on down we will have your lost items for you.


For the next few weeks the open studio figure drawing at Art Institute will occur on Tuesday instead of Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.  The listing on our “Other Places to Draw” page has been updated.

This Thursday, July 14th you don’t want to miss out on Rob.  He’s a great model with an incredible build, perfect for anatomy studies.  It’s just like he stepped out of the comic books.  Just in time for Comicon!!!  The following Saturday, July 17th we have Liz.  But you can catch her this coming Wednesday, July 21st at the US Arts Center (12812 Rancho Penasquitos Blvd – Suite U) where Liz will be modeling in a flamenco costume for a long pose from 9am to 12noon.


2 thoughts on “Some thanks, Lost and Found, Art Institute update, and who’s next

  1. Hey folks, Im Fernando, the owner of art supplies, I appreciate a lot that you informed me, I was worried, it was a very cool detail of you. I hope to be there on saturday’s session, thank you very much, and thank you for taking care of them.

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