Apologies again for such a late posting.  We of course want to thank Adelaide and Kerry for their wonderful efforts.  And we look forward to working with these great models in the future.  Check out Adelaide’s website at http://www.artbyadelaide.com/

This coming Sunday, August 22nd, is that time again to catch not one but TWO different places for open studio figure drawing.  First up is Highland Valley Studios (18528 Highland Valley Road) in Ramona from 11am to 3pmLiz is featured to model.  An RSVP is required so check out their website for contact info.  In the Hillcrest area, you can draw at Perspectives SD at the Planet Rooth Studio (3334 Fifth Avenue) from 3pm to 6pm.  This Sunday will be two clothed models: Shealyn & Kate.

For this coming Thursday, August 19th, on schedule to model is Sabrina.  The following Saturday, August 21 is Rachel (AKA: Bella du Jour of the Keyhole Cabaret).

Click on the “ABOUT” tab at the top of the blog to see where and when we meet.


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