Dr. Sketchy’s, Highland Valley Studios, and Sue Zinngrabe Gold.

This Saturday, September 17th is the 3rd Saturday of the month. That means another session of Dr. Sketchy’s at the Ruby Room. Come and draw circus performer, designer and artist Jacquie and choose which costume she poses in. The fun starts at 3pm and ends at 6pm.

On the following Sunday, September 18th, Dr. Sketchy participates in the charity event for Alzheimer’s Association San Diego/Imperial Chapter titled “Muse n’ Brews”. It takes place at the W Hotel San Diego (421 West B Street), from 1pm to 4pm.  Check out Dr. Sketchy’s website for more information.

Also this Sunday, September 18th, is another open studio figure drawing session at Highland Valley Studios. An RSVP is required so call Patrick Korch at 858-602-6969. Adelaide is scheduled to model.

North Park and US Arts Center regular Sue Zinngrabe Gold has a really cool art blog where you can catch her latest shows and projects. Click on the link and check it out.

For this coming Saturday, September 17th at North Park, we have Rachel modeling.

Click on the “About” tab at the top of the page for where and when the North Park Drawing group meets.


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