Thanksgiving; Keyhole Cabaret at Vin De Syrah; “Pirate VS Ninja: Burlesk Dance Off!!!”; North Park Toyland Parade parking and December’s model schedule.

Just a reminder that there will be NO DRAWING this Thursday due to THANKSGIVING.  This Saturday will continue at our regular scheduled time of 9AM.  It is also the last Saturday of November so that means long pose day.  With Kelly (AKA: Lady Borgia of the Keyhole Cabaret.)  Also catch the Keyhole Cabaret’s show this coming Wednesday, November 23rd at Vin De Syrah (901 5th Avenue, San Diego 92101)

If you enjoyed drawing Leia this past Saturday, she also hosts Drink and Draw at the AC Lounge (4673 30th Street, San Diego CA 92116), Sundays from 9pm to 12midnight.

Also catch Leia’s burlesque show “Pirate VS Ninja: Burlesk Dance Off!!!” Saturday, November 26 at the Til Two Club (4746 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego CA 92115).  The fun starts from 8:30pm to 11:30pm.

A reminder to all North Park Drawing Group attendees… Saturday, December 3rd is the 48th Annual North Park Toyland Parade.  Come early if you plan to attend Saturday, December 3rd as the streets that run North and South will be blocked off.  If you try and park on these streets, you will be towed.  Usually the streets that run East and West can be parked on.

For the month of December, the North Park Drawing groups model schedule will be…

Thursday, December 1st is Briana
Saturday, December 3rd is De Lynn (AKA: Nina Bel Vande of the Keyhole Cabaret)
Thursday, December 8th is Jessica
Saturday, December 10th is Liz
Thursday, December 15th is Savanna
Saturday, December 17th is Zoe (of the music group London Below)
Thursday, December 22nd  is Wendy
Thursday, December 24th is CHRISTMAS so there is NO DRAWING!
Thursday, December 29th  is Adelaide

The model schedule is subject to change as models are people too.  Life does happen.  Click on the “About” tab at the top of the website to see where and when we meet.


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