Tommy Picht presents “A Constant State of Change”, a solo artist show at Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar

This Tuesday, March 12, join Tommy Picht at Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar (410 Tenth Ave, San Diego, California 92101) in his solo art show “A Constant State of Change”. Here is a statement by the artist…

“The world around us is in a constant state of change. In many ways my new painting, Swirl (Reborn) reflects that change. Swirl (Reborn) is a departure from my old work. It represents change on a personal level and symbolizes the constant state of flux on the atomic level and the ever changing and expanding nature of the universe”.

The fun starts at 7pm. Live music will be provided by C.H.U.M. and DJ Markalan spinning vinyl.


North Park’s current model schedule goes as…

Thursday, March 14th is  Jonathan
Saturday, March 16th is Christine
Thursday, March 21th is Delynn (AKA: Nina Bel Vande of the Keyhole Cabaret).
Saturday, March 23rd is Zoe
Thursday, March 28th is Rita
Saturday, March 30th is Kelly (AKA: Lady Borgia of the Keyhole Cabaret).

We again would like to state that the model schedule is subject to change, because models are people too and life happens. Click on the About tab at the top of the site to see where and when we meet.


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