Gator By the Bay and May Model Schedule

If you’ve attended our Thursday drawing group then you’re probably familiar with Stephen Sloan who runs it.  But did you know that Stephen is a magician who goes by the stage name “Sleeveless”.  If your attending the Four day Festival at Gator by the Bay (Spanish Landing Park, 4300 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92101), then on Sunday, May 8th come “Sleeveless” perform.  You won’t be disappointed.  Check out the Facebook event for more information and to buy tickets.

Here is what we have so far for our May model schedule…

Thursday, May 4th is Yoni
Saturday, May 7th is Michelle
Thursday, May 12th is Christine
Saturday, May 14th is Eva
Thursday, May 19th is Lori
Saturday, May 21st is Ian
Thursday, May 26th is Shuanna
Saturday, May 28st is Cynthia

Checkout our instagram for some amazing artwork by our attendees.

We again would like to state that the model schedule is subject to change, because models are people too and life happens. Click on the About tab at the top of the site to see where and when we meet.


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