7 Year website anniversary

Today marks the 7 year anniversary for the North Park Drawing groups website.  The group itself has been around for over 30 years, but on February 22, 2010 we uploaded our first post.  We try our best to be consistent with our posts and keep up to date on our info.  Some days are better than others.  Seven years really flies by.

Here is what we have so far for our model schedule.

Thursday, February 23rd is Yoni
Saturday, February 25th is Lori
Thursday, March 2nd  is Adelaide
Saturday, March 4th is Jackie
Thursday, March 9th is Lori
Saturday, March 11th is Christina
Thursday, March 16th is Tori
Saturday, March 18th is Brock
Thursday, March 23rd is Michelle
Saturday, March 25th is Cynthia
Thursday, March 30th is Yoni

Checkout our instagram for some amazing artwork by our attendees.

We again would like to state that the model schedule is subject to change, because models are people too and life happens. Click on the About tab at the top of the site to see where and when we meet.


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